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Time For An Update

From Gordon:

With issue 2 on the way I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on how things are going for our comic:

Sales: I’m proud to say sales of #1 have been very good. So far we’ve sold 3/4s of the limited edition print run, which means all the printing costs for #2 are covered. This was the target I set myself when #1 went to press and it’s both encouraging and a real relief to see it met. Thank you so much to everyone who bought an issue!

Response: Issue one has been extremely well received with numerous positive reviews and praise coming our way, both from fans and industry professionals. It’s been such a heartening experience to read emails, tweets, Facebook comments etc from people saying how much they like the comic and wanting to know when the next issue’s out. No hate mail yet!

Current state of play: Issue 2 is complete and currently being printed by UK Comics. Caio’s started work on #3 and I’m at the redrafting stage of #4’s script.

What we need: Your help and support. Please encourage your friends to visit our website, buy a copy etc. Mention us on Facebook, Twitter, forums etc. Any help you can give us would be deeply appreciated.


Sid & Pieces – now in colour!

Sid & Pieces - now in colour!

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Issue 2 is almost here!

Issue 2 is almost here!

All the pages for #2 are in, lettered and ready to go. It’ll be going to the printers soon and will be on sale by the end of April, start of May at the latest.

Get ready to find out how psychotic Jack Slaughter truly is and why Sid’s life is going to Pieces.

Enjoy the teaser!