Contact Us

We’re happy to provide review copies, take part in interviews and attend conventions (hint hint!). Please contact us at:


The team  can also be contacted separately:


Gordon Mclean – Writer

Twitter: @scripted_rants


Caio Oliviera – Artist


Kel Nuttal – Letterer


Michael Fitzpatrick – Logo Design


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Mark Forbes says:

    Awrite Gordon 🙂 Hows things?
    Don’t think I’ve personally met you yet, but I’m Lisa’s wee brother 🙂 (Lisa Harper, Andy Harpers wife… Jack’s uncle :P)
    Lisa told me about your comic and about all the publicity you’ve been getting from demonoid etc. So I checked out your website and here I am.

    Read the first few pages of the comic, and it looks good so far! Once I get paid on the 7th of April I’ll buy a copy :)! Looks really good!

    Anywho, off to finish college work 😦 Hope you enjoy all the comic stuff 🙂

  2. Mark Forbes says:

    Yea, I’m sure we went to the pub together with lisa, alana, andy, gary, Ian? I think? etc afterwards 😛

    But yea, like I said, I get paid on the 7th so I’ll buy a copy. And I’ll put a link to your website on mine and spread it around facebook and twitter as well bud 🙂

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