Issue 2


Digital Version

A digital version of No More Heroes #2 is available in both PDF and CBR formats. Please state in your order which format you’d prefer or if you want both. It costs £1 (there is no extra charge if you request both formats) and will be emailed to you upon purchase.



9 thoughts on “Issue 2

  1. […] two is now on sale. I've bought and read my digital copy (once again available DRM-free in both PDF & CBR formats […]

  2. WhitBloke says:

    Be that as it may, I have a negative comment to make. Sorry. Having had the guiltless pleasure of diving into this issue, I was nonetheless appalled by the sickeningly crass polar bear stereotyping employed just to further the plot. It’s like something out of the 70s. You and Caio should be ashamed of that frankly cartoonish polar bear. Like so many polar bears (too many!) in comics it was portrayed as smugly aggressive, raised on a cultural diet of wife-beating and hood-wearing and… most disappointing to see in the midst of your fine comic… the blight of Agnosticism. What next? What next?!?

    I for one am deeply disturbed.

    (Superb stuff!)

    • You’re right. We would like to deeply apologise for such a backwards, negative portrayl of a polar bear. We would like to state for the record that none of us are bearists and believe in equality across all bears (except koalas, who can go fuck themselves).
      To make up for it our next issue will feature a polar bear who’s a successful lawyer and spends his weekends building orphanages and doing maths. He’ll have pants on and everything!

  3. […] he’s a genuinely nice dude. While I was there, I picked up issue 2 of Gordon Mclean’s No More Heroes. The first issue was brilliant – I’m saving issue 2 for the long, tedious journey back […]

  4. […] can order a physical copy or digital copy of No More Heroes #2 by clicking here, or learn more about the comic and read a free preview of it on their website, here. Shout […]

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