You really, really should be reading these comics.


Atomic Robo

What does Atomic Robo do? He uses good science to fight bad science, that’s what! He’s got big fists and a big brain and he can expertly use both. Evil scientists, evil robots and evil Nazis (do they actually come in any other flavours?) don’t stand a chance.

 This is one of the funniest comics on the shelves but it’s not a shallow spoof: AR’s a robot so old in years and yet so young at heart and has a real depth of personality that drives the story just as much as punching and explosions.

 Between its covers you get clever, twisty-turny plots and bright, glorious artwork. Best of all, you also get Dr Dinosaur, a time-travelling velociraptor who AR hates because his origins make no sense. He’s worth the admission price alone.


Writer: Brian Clevinger

Artist: Scott Wegener



Axe Cop

Axe Cop is, well, a cop with an axe – his preferred method of dispensing justice to bad guys and anyone who annoys him. He’s aided in this task by his best friend Dinosaur Soldier (do I need to explain him?) and Wexter, a flying t-rex who wears sunglasses and has gatling guns for arms. No monster or moon-based ninja is safe from their violent wrath.

All of this and hundreds of other crazy creations come from the mind of writer Malachai Nicolle. He’s seven years old. Hey, did you think some boring old grown up could conjure up such an imaginative world to play in? We’re in the unfiltered mind of a child here, where the poison-dispensing Best Fairy Ever rubs shoulders with robots programmed to punch a baby if it cries.

Luckily for us we get to experience these tales thank to Malachai’s older brother Ethan, a talented artist who started illustrating his sibling’s flights of fantasy for fun and is probably as surprised as anyone that it’s now turned into a career. He deserves it for giving us such a hysterical comic to treasure (and an easy character to cosplay).

Writer: Malachai Nicolle

Artist: Ethan Nicolle



Dinosaur Comics

Ryan North is the best kind of genius: a crazy one. Does creating a six panel strip with artwork that (almost) never changes to tell 1000s of different stories sound like a sensible idea? Of course it doesn’t, but Mr North doesn’t listen to reason and the world’s a better place for him.

 Inside these six static panels there’s the happy-go-stompy T-rex, gentle and friendly Dromiceiomimus and the ‘voice of reason’ Utahraptor. They discuss anything and everything, from predestination to why Batman could beat Superman, and get mixed up in all kinds of strangeness: evil talking racoons, a videogame-obsessed Devil and Mr Tusks, the miniscule elephant mayor of Tiny Town.

 The art never changes and yet you can never tell what’s going to be in the next story except for hefty chuckles. See, Ryan North is a genius!


Writer & artist: Ryan North



White Ninja


How do I sum up the greatness of White Ninja? It’s such a bizarrely brilliant strip where anything goes and the only constant is that the titular character will do or say something that’s really strange and really funny. Beyond that I can only really say that White Ninja gets up to the kind of things you’ll never see anywhere else. It’s something you really need to check out for yourself. So get clicking on the link!

Creators: Scott Bevan and Kent Earle



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