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We’re Back!

Due to popular demand (by at least…. ooooh… three, four people?) we’ve put the band back together for a new comic. Which doesn’t make sense. Metaphors are hard.

Anyway, coming very soon is our new comic Supermom. A four issue mini-series we’re pitching as “Knocked Up meets The Incredibles”. Below is the first teaser.

More to follow soon.



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No More Aliens?

No More Aliens?

Here’s our next project: Aliens vs Predator vs NMH’s writer Gordon.

(Taken at the Big Glasgow Comic Group’s Comic Mart where NMH sold VERY well)

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Issue 3 – now on sale!


Issue 3 is now in stock – available in both print and digital versions. Click HERE to buy.


In this penultimate issue Sid’s life has literally gone to Pieces. The patchwork B-list super villain has recruited him for a job they have no chance in hell of successfully pulling off. But, if Pieces fails, how will he lead Sid and Black Fury to their psycopathic target Jack Slaughter?

And how much is Billy gonna screw things up?


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