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KAPOW Report


From Gordon:


I was at last weekend’s Kapow Comic Con in London pimping No More Heroes to all and sundry. It was a very successful weekend and we sold a lot of copies (and no one asked for a refund!).

I was also able to get a copy into the hands of Warren Ellis, Frank Quitely, Jonathan Ross and John McCrea as well as editors from DC, Image and Titan. A big thank you to all of them for kindly agreeing to take an issue and not hitting me in the face with it and run away.

There were some incredible comics for sale at the stalls, including an edible one printed on rice paper and a musical comic that played its soundtrack as you read it. Inspirational stuff and I now want to do an issue of NMH printed on a pizza, one page per slice. That’s do-able, right?


CON PHOTOS: I managed to snag some celebrities from the Con for the usual awkward-looking photos and no cos player was safe as I shamelessly asked them to pose with our comic. See all the photos HERE.


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Issue 2 is here!


Issue 2 of No More Heroes is now available.


Issue 2 sees things become very, very bad for poor Sid, forced into the supercriminal world with nothing but a fake scar for company. Jack Slaughter is revealed in all his horrible glory and we see just how evil he truly is.

And then there’s Pieces who… well, you’ll need to read the issue to experience that twisted scene-stealer.

Click HERE for ordering details.