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Gordon is a proud member of GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers) – a group of writers based in and around Glasgow who are producing an amazing variety of comics, webcomics, prose, TV, film and other such related media. Each member is a very talented writer. Except Gordon. He just sort of hangs around because each meeting has beer and biscuits. GLoW played an invaluable role in bringing No More Heroes to print, offering feedback and encouragement that resulted in a much better final version.

 Please take the time to check out each member’s projects.


Hoodie tells the story of Rich Nicholas, a toughened teenager who decides to fulfill his boyhood dream and become a hero,  a vigilante fighting the mean streets with an array of home made weapons and American football armour to protect him underneath his baggy black hoodie. Fighting for justice, he is determined to bring The ASBO Army down.

GLoW Member: Luke Halsall




Jonbot Vs Martha is a weekly webcomic best described as “Kramer Vs Kramer meets Short Circuit, but with more swearing.” Robots, divorce and the bitter comedy of pettiness every Monday, courtesy of Colin Bell and Neil Slorance.

GLoW Member: Colin Bell



Obscure Reference (OR) Comics offer a range of comics on their website that you can read for free. Check them out, you’re sure to find something that excites your peepers!

GLoW Member: Gary Chudleigh



The Standard is the story of two different men from two different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. Today, he is a celebrity with his own reality TV show. But when a catastrophic event brings the two generations into collision, The Standard is forced to ask if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world.  The Standard is a 6-issue comic book miniseries, written by John Lees and drawn by Jonathan Rector.

GLoW Member: John Lees



Buy The Standard at COMIX TRIBE


Team Girl Comic is a Glasgow-based group of cartoonists from a variety of backgrounds, ages and interests. They self-publish comic books on a regular basis that feature stories ranging from autobiographical to the more whimsical and surreal. Their aim is to expand as a collective group and improve the presence of women and girls in the underground comic scene, as well as to entertain!

GLoW Member: Gillian Hatcher





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